04.11.21 – 17.480kHz

The highest point of the Cerro de Montevideo, located next to the bay of Montevideo opposite the port in the Barrio Villa del Cerro, is at an altitude of 134m. During the colonisation of South America, it served as a strategic point to ensure the protection of the port.
Built from dark, hornblende-rich crystalline slates, which, contrary to what is sometimes represented in popular literature, is not an extinct volcano and whose basalt rocks are covered with various types of cacti, is also shown in the upper right quarter of the emblem of Uruguay.

Climbing the hilltop on sunset the weather changed suddenly from bright sunny to foggy cold. While scanning the shortwave band we witnessed by accident the broadcast of a number station* at 17.480kHz.
Returning to that frequency the following days, there was nothing…