Listening to the port

Talking to people

Writing happens in a physical environment, it is inscribed, paper even in its digital nature requires water, trees and sun, what I am saying speaks of ecology, we are made of all kinds of things, elements that exceed the anthropocentric narrative logic. The world is full of languages ​​that appear, flicker and heat up just like us, they merge and metamorphose, they are not a constant presence and it would be naive not to consider this context when you are ceasing to be what you thought you were.

Listening to the port is a small publication that I put together from listening to and recording several of the interviews I did in Montevideo and Rostock, the transcripts contain subtle fictional elements. Conversing with people who inhabit the places we explored was central to my research as it was a strategy to remove the veil and critically animate assumptions.

This publication was structured as an intermediate exercise of a hauntological type since it sought to investigate: between what is no longer and what is not yet.
The drawings were built together with Federico Lagomarsino from the exchange of descriptions with minimal detail, images were not used, but rather listening to the voice.

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