the light towers

the longest shortcut.

The harbour of Rostock is marked by two light towers at the entrance and exit point of the port. A green one on the west side and a red one on the east. They are approximately 250 m away from one another, separated by the ocean’s water. It is the most crucial point of the whole harbour, every boat or ship has to pass this gate before entering or exiting the harbour. They are standing at the most shortest proximity to one another and yet one would need to take a ferry and walk all the way to the other side in order to reach the other one.

In order to connect both points Carsten and I produced a feedback loop through a hydrophone on one side and an underwater speaker on the other. A Zoom call was tying the loose ends and closed the loop. First the sounds from the water, ships and motors were audible. Then a rhythmic feedback sound was slowly establishing itself. Sometimes distracted through a passing ship or other underwater activities and then reconnecting and circulating repeatedly between both light towers. The shortest connection between both sides of the harbour was finally build. A self sufficient signal created through a feedback noise.

underwater feedback loop (light towers)

Territorio Especifico (Rostock) (part 2)

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