En el centro del puente viejo sobre la desembocadura del río Santa Lucía pinchamos su estructura metálica con una radio transoceánica de 1965 de nueve bandas.
Dicho puente hará las veces de antena de la radio, es decir, que dispondremos de una antena reticular de medio km de longitud.
Las señales inesperadas de onda corta que cacemos de la infosfera global constituyen nuestro paisaje.

24-HRS w/ 24 RADIOS
On Aug 27th, radio stations across the world will co-broadcast WIRELESS, a 24-hr marathon transmission on the topic of planetary wireless communication. The marathon celebrates the 100 year anniversary of the first wireless entertainment broadcast, which transmitted Wagner’s Parsifal from the rooftop of the Teatro Coliseo in Buenos Aires using smuggled Marconi equipment. Topics will range from urban acrobatics to quantum physics, from pedal power electric radio to paratelepathy, from colonial radio installations in reappropriated towers to pandemic suspicion of 5g networks. Music, multilingual conversation and sound will be shared from radio stations in Buenos Aires, Chile, Uruguay, Wuhan, Amsterdam, London, New York, Palestina, Chipre, Croatia, Nigeria, Cuba, Australia, Madrid, Newfoundland and more.

This broadcast is organized as a partnership between Radio CaSo Buenos Aires and Radioee.net –a nomadic, online translingual radio station hosting broadcast events about mobility and movement. Follow @radioeenet. Listen online at https://radioee.net